Ethical Policy

We believe our clients are better with us because we deliver professional services guided by a strong ethical policy.  We aim to act responsibly to people and planet, always.


We will operate and report in an open and transparent manner.  We have an employee code of conduct which is provided to all Associates or personnel acting on our behalf.


We actively seek clients who demonstrably share our principles on environment, social and ethical issues, and will support clients that aspire to the same.


As a small business we have a limited scope to support community or charity groups financially but undertake to give back through volunteering in our local community and sharing skills and knowledge willingly.  We encourage our clients and associates to do the same and welcome opportunities to build a like-minded mutually supporting business community founded on our shared principles.


We will strive to protect the human rights and welfare needs of all people associated with our work.  We will promote personal development, education, and ethical behaviour, and support equal opportunity in recruitment, development and advancement.  We have a responsible procurement policy which sets out how we will seek to protect the rights of those who supply us wherever we are able to influence.  We will vote with our feet and our money.  Examples of how we do this are:

  • Our electricity is 100% renewable, supplied by Good Energy
  • We bank with Triodos for their highly ethical approach and use of renewable energy.
  • We use broadband services from a local community owned and operated provider.
  • Our limited printed materials are 100% recycled.